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Designing and producing our art bags is a form of creative activism. We do not mass-produce, so a speedy delivery is not always possible. This means that you receive your art bag about 3 weeks after your order. 



about us

ALL PEOPLE SHIT ® is an international brand with a vision to bring people closer together.

All art bags are unique and when you buy a bag, you also support our art project Kunst med børn i Verden/Art with children in the world.

We run Art school TANZA directly on the dumpsite Jo Jo´s Junkshop south of Manila in the Philippines. We support all the children at the dumpsite with art school and food . Every year in February we travel to Manila to work with the children in Art school TANZA.

The rest of the year we have employed a young man (John Mark) to run the art workshops every Saturday. John Mark is born and still lives a the dumpsite. He just finished his education as a social worker and is an excellent role model for all the children. 

A part of our support is to give the children food before they start the art workshops. Every year we bring 40 kg of creative materials for the workshops.

When you enter the dumpsite, one of the boys have painted a grafitti ALL PEOPLE SHIT.

We asked him what he think about it. He told us that in his mind, all people in the world have to be equal, and nobody are going to be more worth than another.

We think that is a good direction to live your life.

All motives used in designing the art bags are our personal photos from our stays in the Philippines.



We hope you will join ALL PEOPLE SHIT® and thank you for visiting our website


Ann-Kerstina Nielsen and Per Buk

artists and designers



Møllergade 44

5700 Svendborg


Tel. +45 20 70 78 38


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If you want to support our project and the children at the dumpsite, you can transfer your support on this account number. The whole amount goes uncut to the children at the dumpsite.


Bank account: 9370 4561376021

IBAN no. DK4393704561376021


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